5 Reasons to Use a Pet Sitter these Holidays

By Dr Eloise Bright <!– –> share this page: Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Although your pets can stay at a boarding facility while you’re away, some cats and dogs really prefer to be at home. Getting someone you trust to ...

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Impressive Physical Skills

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By Karen B. London Canine abilities that are inconvenient for humans By the time he was six months old, my husband’s childhood dog could leap their six-foot fence. He was part Whippet, so it should come as no surprise that ...

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Would Your Dog Protect You During a Break In? 6 Dogs are Put to the Test

By Brandy Arnold Have you ever wondered how your dogs would react to an intruder coming into your home, either while you’re away or if you’re home? Three Portland, Oregon families put their 6 dogs to the test – and ...

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Adopt a TSA Pup

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By JoAnna Lou Retired explosives detection dogs are looking for forever homes. It has long been common practice for service dog organizations to adopt out the pups that didn’t meet their high standards, but now the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) ...

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Canine Brain Training

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By Susan Tasaki A romp at the dog park, a run along a trail, a walk around the neighborhood–we know how important it is to get our dogs out and about. But how often do we think about exercising our ...

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Bites to the Face

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By Karen B. London Human behaviors that precede them One disadvantage of being a canine behaviorist is that so many human behaviors scare me. My heart leaps into my throat all too often when I see people performing risky behaviors ...

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Dining with Dogs Bill Passed

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By JoAnna Lou N.Y. State now officially allows restaurants to welcome pets in outdoor spaces. This week New York Governor Cuomo signed the “Dining with Dogs” bill into law, which had been sponsored by assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal. Effective immediately, ...

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Cop Misses Dog, Shoots Dog Owner Instead

By Brandy Arnold A St. Louis Metropolitan Police officer drew his gun and shot at a dog inside a Missouri home yesterday, but missed and shot the dog’s owner instead. Officers and Division of Family Service (DSF) workers were inside ...

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Lucas County Dogs for Adoption: 10-29

“Pit bull”/​Labrador retriever, brindle and white female; surrendered Sept. 29 by Dorothy McGlowan, Carol Lane, Toledo. Australian cattle dog mix, tan … Click Here To Read More      

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