Cooking for Your Dog’s Health – The Bark (blog)

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The Bark (blog)Whole food, real food, clean eating: however it’s described, many of us are turning—or returning—to minimally processed, additive-free food made by nature rather than machines. In their newly revised cookbook, Dinner PAWsible, holistic veterinarian … Click Here To ...

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Common Causes of an Upset Tummy in Cats and Dogs

By Dr Eloise Bright <!– –> share this page: Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Just like humans, dogs and cats occasionally have an upset stomach. Unfortunately, our pets can’t tell us when they have tummy cramps or are feeling nauseous, so ...

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Intervention saves two sick, injured dogs

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Suncoast NewsMany times it is difficult to collect funds after the surgery is done because there is no sense of urgency, but a dog’s health is always the primary concern, King explained in a press release. The organization does receive ...

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Stray Dogs of the Greek Debt Crisis

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By Karen B. London The number is soaring The number of homeless dogs in Greece is on the rise due to the financial crisis in the country. Many people are abandoning pets when they feel as though they can’t afford ...

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Authors Speak: Alex Kava

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By Claudia Kawczynska Alex Kava talks with The Bark about her newest character, Ryder Creed, and his dogs. Alex Kava has been crafting intense murder-and-mayhem-fueled novels for at least 15 years. Fortunately, her heroes—FBI profiler Maggie O’Dell and, most recently, ...

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Lessons Learned … And Unlearned

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By Emily English Medley Love and forgiveness. What else is there to know? My Golden Retriever, Annie, died yesterday. So did my grandmother. God, I’m going to miss that dog. I’ve been asked to write my grandmother’s eulogy, and as ...

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Arizona Dog Dies in Hot Car While Owner Drinks in Sports Bar

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By Brandy Arnold Image via Scottsdale Police Department. Phoenix Police have arrested a man whose dog died in the back of his hot car while he sat inside a sports bar for more than 4 hours. Peter Belford parked outside ...

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Heroic Family Rescues 87-Year Old Man & His Dog From South Carolina Flood Waters

By Brandy Arnold George Osterhues, along with his dog, Tila, was making the long drive from Ottawa, Canada, to Florida when his car became trapped in Chester County, South Carolina’s rising flood waters. A couple of hours after his car ...

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23 Pit Bulls Saved From North Carolina Dog Fighting Operation

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DogTimeThe 16 adult Pit Bulls and 7 puppies were removed from multiple homes on the property after a search warrant was executed by local authorities, who were accompanied on the raid by animal control officers and members of the ASPCA. ...

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Dog Breeders & Puppy Handling

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By Susan Tasaki Early tactile input pays off As our readers know, The Bark is 100 percent in favor of adopting dogs from rescues and shelters. Giving a dog a new life in a home in which he or she ...

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