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    Monthly Archives: April 2015

    Dog Poems and Umwelt

    By Karen B. London Celebrating National Poetry Month Canine Style It’s National Poetry month, and the goal since 1996 of this tradition is for people to see poetry all over the place. That means that people are placing poems in ...

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    Tyson is a young, neutered Rottweiler/Labrador retriever mix. He is fully vetted and house-trained. Tyson gets along great with most dogs, except for … Click Here To Read More      

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    Puppy raised in Truckee graduates as guide dog for the blind

    Guide Dogs for the Blind uses yellow and black labrador retrievers, golden retrievers and lab/golden crosses as guides. The puppies are born at the … Click Here To Read More      

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    Ask the Trainer: My Dog Destroys Everything He Can Get His Paws On!

    By Steve Reid Dear Steve,Grady is a 5-yr-old Weimaraner and he chews up everything he can get his paws on. Lately, he’s been chewing and scratching the closed door leading to the bedroom. Yesterday, he chewed half the door. He ...

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    What Exacxtly To Do When Your Dog’s Food is Recalled

    By Brandy Arnold Discovering that Fido’s food has been involved in a recall can be pretty scary. Pet foods are usually taken out due to possible contamination or presence of foreign objects in the products. Your dog can get ill, ...

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    New Fetch Toy Idea

    By Cameron Woo Kickstarter nurtures pet inventions Our friends at PAWW are quite good at designing clever leashes, bowls and toys—plenty of research, exploration and testing goes into every project they conceive. So, we were excited to hear about a ...

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    Andy Warhol’s Best in Show Auction at Christie’s

    By Cameron Woo Bark welcomes the news of an entertaining auction at Christie’s titled Best in Show which features an array of animal-inspired works by the master of Pop Art, Andy Warhol. The upcoming online only sale includes over 100 ...

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    Boo, the Tree Dog

    By Shirley Zindler A towering oak grew overlooking the valley and the nearby residents had sworn they saw a dog enter a hole in the bottom of the trunk. Looking into the small opening it didn’t seem likely that a ...

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