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    Monthly Archives: December 2013

    Is Your Dog Afraid of Fireworks?

    By Brandy Arnold There are a few holidays throughout the year where we, for fun, blow stuff up. Yep, I’m talking about fireworks. Each New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July (and a few other holidays if you have overzealous ...

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    Four Legged New Years Resolutions

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    By Ralph Hey everyone, it’s Ralph and I’m getting ready for New Years. Happy 14,098 (that’s 2014 in Dog Years). Everyone is making New Year’s Resolutions and I thought I add my own to the mix. So here we go: ...

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    Should I Be Giving My Dog Glucosamine Supplements?

    By Brandy Arnold Many people, especially those suffering from arthritis, have been taking glucosamine these days to help soothe their aching joints or prevent the disease. Because glucosamine works well with humans, a lot of dog owners have been wondering ...

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    Statistics: Dog Attacks & Interactions By Breed

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    Bernews According to statistics over the last two years 59.45% of reported cases of dogs biting people were attributed to pitbulls, while the rest were from German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, Jack Russell Terriers, Beagles, Doberman Pinschers, American … Click Here ...

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    Working dogs: Airman training four-legged recruits – The Tand D.com

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    The Tand D.comWithin the 341st Training Squadron, there are five courses with about 140 students, 107 staff members and nine teams with about 18 dogs each: the Dog Training School, Handler’s Course, Kennel Master’s Course, Specialized Search Dogs Course and ...

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    Missing Woman’s Dog Safely Home with Owner – Patch.com

    Missing Woman’s Dog Safely Home with OwnerPatch.comA chocolate-colored Labrador retriever that disappeared along with its owner on Saturday was found safe and unharmed at the same time the missing woman, Harriet Holbrook was located, Alameda police said today (Monday). Lt. ...

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    State Fights Puppy Mills with New Dog Breeding License in 2014

    State Fights Puppy Mills with New Dog Breeding License in 2014 ideastream All of that is new for state law.” The license also lays out caging standards to make sure they’re the right size and clean. Hawkins says the department ...

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    Dog, man’s best friend – Inquirer.net

    Dog, man’s best friendInquirer.netDanielle was floating in a sea of chairs, tables, cabinet, wood, uprooted coconut trees when she saw Thomas, a Labrador also swimming for his life. Danielle shouted, “Thomas buligi gad ako (Thomas, please help me)! … Although ...

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    Vote in the Dogington Post Awards: Favorite Organic Dog Food

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    By Brooke Arnold As part of a larger initiative to educate dog owners on proper nutrition, effective training, and other ways to raise a happy and healthy dog, the Dogington Post is reviewing products, toys, foods, treats, and rescue organizations ...

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    ‘Miracle Dog’ that survived gas chamber heads to Rose Parade

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    Mother Nature Network … chances of surviving a gas chamber are slim, according to the ASPCA, but variables that could allow a dog to live through it include the number of animals in the chamber, carbon monoxide concentration, whether the ...

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